Saturday, March 21, 2009

Paris Hilton Charters Mega Yacht in Ibiza for Summer

Paris Hilton has chartered a MEGA YACHT IN IBIZA for the summer season so that she can jet in and out throughout the season by private jet charter on the island.

Yacht Charter Ibiza VIP parties Ibiza Luxury Villa & yacht Charter Ibiza Helicopter charter Ibiza - Mallorca

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amy Winehouse ruled out as possible Paris Hilton British Best Friend.

Paris Hilton has confirmed that she has ruled out Amy Winehouse as hopeful contestant for her "British best friend" at the launch of her new TV show.

The 27-year-old heiress said the aim of ITV2's Paris Hilton's British Best Friend was to find someone "who had a fun personality someone who was real, someone who looked like they could be a lot of fun, someone I could trust and Someone who enjoys life".

Asked whether Rehab singer Amy, 25, was considered, Paris said: "I love her music but I don't know if I could handle that lifestyle."
The show, starting in the UK this Thursday, sees 12 young hopefuls battling to become Paris's official 'British best friend'. The contestants complete various tasks and at the end of each show Paris dismisses the person she thinks is the least capable of being her 'BBF'.

The first episode sees Paris fly to London to meet the contestants, who stay in a mansion complete with pink carpets and photos of the US socialite on the walls.

"There's a lot of advantages to being my best friend because I'm a lot of fun, I travel the world, I have a great time, especially when I come to London," she said.
The winner from the group of contestants - made up of 11 women and one man - has yet to be announced, but Paris claimed they were now "best friends".

Although she said her time in London taught her slang terms such as "minger" and "fit" she failed to answer correctly when asked to name the British Prime Minister, claiming she thought it was Gordon Ramsey.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ITV2 Boss's Beef up Security for Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has had a security team shake up admist rumours of a fall out with her present UK team having fallen foul over a shopping trip to Harrods in London. A spokesperson for ITV2 said "We have made some changes to the security team and have now contracted No7 Agency to handle all of the security for Paris Hilton"

Contestants on Paris Hilton British Best Friend

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paris Hilton wants to be taken seriously the Star of Paris Hilton's British Best Friend

Wild child celebrity Socialite heiress Paris Hilton, who is often perceived as a blonde bimbo, insists that she is a very serious and very shy girl. (yeh right)

“Many people think that I am a spoilt airhead" no way really? In a brief interview Paris Hilton said "I am so happy to be in London" she went on to say that she had been enjoying intimate dinner dates with a mystery Londoner.

An inside source has revealed that Paris will be jetting of to Dubai next week to look at a new development that has a quad plex Penthouse (A four floor Penthouse) overlooking the new Burj Dubai tower.

Paris Hilton who is about to star in "Paris Hiltons British best Friend" has also just purchased a new Rolls Royce whilst in London.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Paris Hilton and Jordan "New" Best friends!

Former glamour model KATIE PRICE or "Jordan", famous for not much apart from "Im a celebrity get me out of here" has decided that it is time to conquer Hollywood and has been looking at Million Dollar Penthouses in Beverly Hills.

The move is not permenant as sources reveal that Jordan will never leave the UK but would be a good winter location in addition to her duplex penthouse in Dubai.

Paris Hilton has suggest that she spends some time in Beverly Hills and has helped with finding a good Beverly Hills Estate Agent to help with the purchase.

Speaking with the local media, Jordan has revealed plans to move to Los Angeles, where she’ll be hooking up with Paris Hilton and her entourage to enjoy some of the hottest nightclubs.

Adrian Grenier Star of Entourage said "WOW I cannot wait to meet Jordan!!" Hue Hefner the Playboy Boss has offered Jordan a suite at his $125'000'000 "Playboy Mansion" in Beverly Hills.

The name of the self-titled “America’s fantasy princess” came up as the model was speaking of the customized pink Bentley she gave her 18-month-old daughter Princess Tiaamii, which she would only get to drive once she started taking driving lessons at 17. It was then that Jordan revealed that inspiration for the original gift came from her new BFF (best friend forever) Paris Hilton, a relationship that somehow managed to escape the eye of the celebrity media.

“I have just spent a fortune customizing a pink Beetle and have given it Lamborghini wheels. It’s totally over the top but it will be great for Princess when she drives!” the usually talkative model gushed to the British reporters. “Paris Hilton has such an amazing Bentley.” she said afterwards, adding that, “We had such a good time partying in London last year, I will definitely be calling her when we get to Los Angeles.”

Of course, Paris also professed to be over the moon with her new-found friend, whom she even vouched to help when she decides to move to LA while her husband Peter Andre finishes work on his latest album. “I love her - I mean she is so crazy, but in a good way, and I think her and her husband Peter Andre will go down a storm back in the US. There’s nothing quite like them over there.” Paris is quoted as saying. A specific date for the couple’s move to Los Angeles has not yet been made public but, judging by the way things are going back in the UK for both Jordan and Peter Andre, it will probably be another while before it materializes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paris Hilton in London

Paris Hilton has started a search for a British Best Friend Paris Hilton has landsed in London! The LA socialite is jetting into the UK by private jet with on a mission to: find a British best friend.

ITV2 are looking after Paris in London and the UK will be playing host to the ultimate all-American It girl in a new and exclusive series, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

Paris Hilton famed for her wild partying in Both Beverly Hills and St Tropez , has teamed up with ITV2 to help her find her new British Best Friend. Nightclub owners in London have been courting Paris's PR people to ensure that it is there nightclub's VIP room that will be graced by the presence of Paris Hilton and her entourage that are travelling around London in $200'000 Mercedes Road Jets mercedes van that looks like the interior of a private jet manufactured by Becker in the USA four of these luxury vehicles will be on call 24 hrs a day during her visit.

ITV Bosses who have to foot these costs are confident that the show will be a huge success and already have interest from Japan and Dubai for broadcasting rights.

It can be a lonely life as an international star jetting around the world constanly followed by "THE PARIS PACK" a dedicated team of Paparazzi photographers that are on the tail of Paris 24/7 waiting for that "money" shot!

A spokesperson from London nightclub "Cuckoo Club" although very reluctantly at first, would only confirm; that a member of Paris's London PR team had visited the club along with a member of the 12 strong London Bodyguard Team to check out the VIP area and meet with club security to discuss security proceedures. He also went on to say that an additional 500 bottles of Crystal have been ordered this week just in case.

The show will following Paris Hilton as she flies to the UK to find a new friend she can depend on. Viewers will get a candid insight into her manic world, and they’ll also get to know the real Paris.
“Everyone knows I love LA,” says the star. “But London, watch out – I’m coming to town and bringing my fast-paced life with me.

I’m in the UK all the time, but of course I can’t bring all my friends, so I’ve decided to look for a new BFF across the pond. I need a best friend who is hot, who can keep up with me, and most of all, who is real and won't be a backstabber. I’m not leaving London until I find that amazing girl or guy who can meet the challenges of being my British bestie!”

From suburbia to the Shetlands, Paris will be putting a group of potential friends through their paces to test their ambition and determination.

Will the contestants have the energy to keep up with Paris’ dizzying schedule? Will they have the looks and style to effortlessly accompany La Hilton down the red carpet, or will they be hopelessly out of their depth? Who could resist tuning in to find out? The ambitious wannabes will share a house and will gradually be eliminated until one of them will be inaugurated as Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

Paris Hilton British Best friend TV Show ITV2

Paris Hilton British Best friend TV show.